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Klaudia Tolman Visual thinking Possibilities Graphic RecordingHello my name is Klaudia Tolman and I am Graphic Recorder and distinguished Visual Thinking practitioner and promoter. I am 3-time TEDx Lecturer in both Polish and English: TEDxWrocław, TEDxSopot, TEDxWarsawUniversityofTechnology. You can watch one of my TED talks below!

My work as a Graphic Recorder and trainer has been covered in Polish professional and mainstream media such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek, InnPoland, TVN, Nowy Marketing, Radio Czwórka, Polskie Radio and Personel Plus.

I am an enthusiast of uncomplicated drawing and express myself in three ways: Visual Thinking Training, Graphic Recording, and Whiteboard Animations.

Companies where I delivered Visual Thinking training or Graphic Recording:

graphic recorder klaudia tolman clients

Since 2010 I have been a trainer and I had specialized in visual thinking workshops in 2012. I inspire people to simple drawing in everyday life. I show how in an easy and accessible way you can charm out an excellent presentation on a flipchart, organize a visual meeting and engage your employees with a drawing.

I have trained companies such as Google, EY, IKEA, Orange, Siemens, Allegro, Poczta Polska and many more.

Since 2013 I work as Graphic Recorder. I record the essence of the event in a large-scale drawing and minimalistic text, which helps participants to remember what they have learned on the meeting.

I have made Graphic Recording at numerous conferences such as Marketing Summit 2016, Digital University: Future of New Media, Power of Content Marketing, Creative Vibes, Inspiration Day and International Forum of Visual Practitioners.

I also worked as a Graphic Recorder for organizations such as: PepsiCo, DHL, Danone, Bank BPH, Aviva, Wolters Kluwer, Leroy Merlin, Polish Professional Women in the Netherlands.

My TEDx talk about drawing

Since 2014 I am a Co-Founder of ExplainVisually.cowhiteboard animation company which I run with my fiancee and our team. I serve as a Chief Cartoonist, Creative Director and Actress of a Drawing Hand.

I have created movies for companies and organizations such as Carlsberg, Orange, REMONDIS, ING, PARP, Credit Agricole, UniCredit Foundation, TESCO Foundation, AmRest, Pratt&Whitney, PAH and many more (over 140 videos for 40 companies in 3 years!).

Apart from the media apperances I am also a founder of Visual Thinking communities: fanpage „Myślenie Wizualne” (largest Visual Thinking fanpage in Poland), group „Myślenie Wizualne (ryślenie)” (second-largest Visual Thinking group in Poland) and growing community

Offer for graphic recording (GR)

Klaudia Tolman Graphic Recording TED

Where you can find Graphic Recording useful:
Important group meetings,
Kick-off Meetings,
Strategic meetings (Building the Strategy, Mission, Vision)

Benefits from Graphic Recording:


  • Visual content is remembered better – therefore conference and meetings are going to stay in attendees heads for a long time. Graphic Recording pictures also serve as memos;
  • Canvas shows the big picture which helps attendees to come up with important conclusions. They take a look at the Graphic Recording and see the summary and order of the whole discussion;
  • Graphic Recorder helps to maintain the attendees focused as they are stimulated not only on the verbal but also on the visual level;


  • It helps to make better decisions. The better informed you are the more accurate and beneficial the decisions. Graphic Recording helps to sum up everything you know so you can see the whole situation and make the best possible decision;
  • Meeting productivity is boosted – it’s not just a chit-chat as the attendees can see on canvas both the meeting’s progress and the big picture of the subject. It enhances team’s creativity as they see the subject from the different angle;
  • Engaging the group. People tend to have many meetings and not every time they are keen on active participation. When the Graphic Recorder puts their ideas into canvas it encourages the team to talk more as the see they are really heard;
  • Great way to keep up with agenda. The team see what have already been discussed and are aware of the next step. You don’t waste the time on too many digressions.


  • Attendees are always very keen on taking photos of the canvas, sharing them on social media, tagging themselves on photos, discussing about them on their walls. It’s important from the PR and marketing perspective. Knowledge and energy of the event is getting viral;
  • Canvases are placed in the most popular spots to make the conference more engaging. Good quality recording impresses the attendees (we often hear from the „You made this conference!”) and encourages them to start chatting and networking with new people.

Examples of my Graphic Recordings (in English)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Graphic Recording Klaudia Tolman Steve Jobs

Stephane Antiga Klaudia Tolman Visual Thinking Graphic Recording
Graphic Recording John Taylor Klaudia Tolman Graphic Recording Ania Jakubowski Klaudia Tolman



  • Give the canvas with Graphic Recording to the speaker;
  • Print them as posters and hang them in your office;
  • Use them in your company’s calendars and booklets;
  • Use them as a PDF memo;
  • Send the PDF to participants or your e-mail list;
  • Post them on your company’s instagram/facebook/website;
  • Use them in presentations;
  • Turn Graphic Rercording into an informative website (i.e. about the new strategy) where you click on the pictures and see the more detailed articles about the company’s plans.

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